5 Tips for an awesome Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Book a photographer you love.
Every photographer has a unique way of seeing through his camera.A photographer creative style  and vision can be seen on their pre-wedding photoshoot galley.Don’t just pick up any photographer, do your research,compare photographers work with each other for best pre wedding photoshoot and than decide on whose work you find the best.Look at a few highlight galleries of pre-wedding photoshoot from each photographer to get a sense of their quality and style. But realize that these are their best clips from multiple pre-weddings, so once you like someone, ask to see a full pre-wedding shot list.Next step is to check if chosen photographer is your price range and are free on your date you decide.
  • Kind of shoot or pictures  you wish to have.
As they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words”, and your pre-wedding / wedding album can embody your love story. Some couples choose to have their photoshoot at the place where their love story started, like a coffee shop or old monument where they use to meet or a garden or a place they love visiting.Pre wedding pictures are one of the best pictures you can get from your photographer as couple & photographer has ample time to decide the shoot details .Some couple just want some pictures to put on social networking websites and some want some want pictures that tell a story. Discuss all this with your photographer,be as open and comfortable with your photographers as they will be shooting pre wedding and later wedding documenting the best days of your life.The more you express on kind of pictures you wish,the better they will understand and provide you with the best of the pictures.
Best way to move forward is to have a shot list ready on must have sample kind of pictures you wish to have, share that with the photographer and take his views on them , ask him for his suggestions.Below are some of the examples of kind of pictures you can have
  •  Sunrise & Sunset pics / silhouette kind of pictures,YES for these kind of pictures you need to get up early.

  • Pictures against famous monuments / places where you have share  memories or places where you wish to get click as its beautiful location.

  • Pictures which show only humor and depicts your personality and as a couple.

  • Editorial /lifestyle kind of pictures how you see on magazine.

  •  The hot ones :-)

  • Last and the pictures that everyone should have in their album is  ” capturing moments and showcasing love between the couple”

  •  What outfit to wear for pre wedding shoot ?
Based on type of pictures you wish to have from above category , you can decide yourself or talk to your photographer.They are the best person to guide you for e.g, you if you want silhouette kind of pictures then best dress for that is slightly hugging clothes so that a nice body shape is seen,alternatively if going for a monument than a casual dress wont look nice , may be a tradtional outfit might look good.
Avoid wearing green color as that color mixes with green present in nature, Couple can also wear complimenting colors to match a theme.You can also get various props available in the market likes Slates / pin up boards /Balloons / Bubbles, If you don’t wish to purchase these than some props are very simple to make at home like boards.All you need is a brown board/white chart paper/markers/bamboo stick/glue i.e remember in school days we used all such stuff and made awesome stuff.Make creative stuff based on your story or complimenting your attire.
Think of what outfit will you wear and what will your partner wear with it, for girls hairdo, makeup, accessories are important and always add a oohhh factor to pictures. Guys don’t worry on getting warm clothes likes blazers during a summer day for shoot, as you will be wearing it for less time so its ok, post pics you can get back to your normal clothes.To avoid clothes getting dirty, always carry a small bed sheet for shoots, so that instances where photographer ask you to sit somewhere, you don’t have to worry on dress getting dirty.
Avoid large prints/ characters  on t-shirts, try plain and bold colors if possible.Smart pair of shoes also adds value to over all look of the picture.
  • Locations for pre wedding shoots ?
Once you hand over sample shot list to your photographer, ask him for recommendations on locations.Some locations are free of cost and some places ask for permissions.Some locations looks very beautiful at certain time of the day.Hence once you freeze on number of locations you wish to shoot, ask your photographer for Action plan for your shoot (What time we start/location of first shoot/dress which you will wear), this saves times during the time of shoot.If you dont have a close by location where you can change clothes then the bed sheet talked about in above article comes handy, put it over your car windows and now its a small changing room for you.
A good photographer will never complain about location, rather through his creative vision he can make any place looks nice.This can either be achieved by some some advance photography tricks and some unique photography gear.Yes its possible to create day into night inside camera without using photoshop. Different time zones of the day can give you different types of pictures.Remember that no matter what time of the day you can a professional photographer can click an awesome picture for you.
Hence, I request to stop worrying on where to shoot and rather hire an experienced photographer who has all the years of experience and gear to create magic. You dont want to later regret of hiring a part time professional  /newbie  photographer who tells you that “The location was not that good or it was too sunny or their was hardly any light to click pictures”
The umbrella picture below was clicked at 3 p.m and couple on mountain picture was clicked at 5a.m,
Some other location tips are old buildings/railway tracks/ mountains /parks/Museum, café / restaurant/ hotels/resorts.

  • Don’t make a mistake of having different photographer for pre-wedding and wedding day.
When you book a pre-wedding and wedding with same photographer, you will get a combo pack and attractive discount.Also during pre-wedding shoot and all the interactions you had with your photographer earlier, by the time he will shoot your wedding, he understands you completely and will provide you gorgeous looking images from pre-wedding functions & wedding.When you book different photographers , most of the time you get some repeat poses.If at this point you say that pre-wedding photographer did not do a good job, then guess you missed my very first point on blog and dint do enough research to find a photographer who you shoot love.

On time to time basis will keep this post updated on best tips and ideas on Pre-wedding photoshoot.

Reference: http://robinsaini.com/

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